About Us

Since 1962

Serving The Community

The points below highlight the evolution of the organisation and it is just a brief sketch hoping that it will serve its purpose of giving enough foundational information to allow the work of the Sabha to be continued for generations and instil the Philosophy of Satguru Ravidass Ji to allow the younger generation to live their lives with a deeper sense of self respect and integrity.

The Start

Where It All Began

During the late fifties and early sixties, a challenge was birthed that carried an onerous weight. A group of young community members, who migrated to U.K in their twenties, pursued a journey to spread the sacred teachings of Satguru Ravidass Ji across the globe.

The idea was the continuation of the revolutionary Ad-Dharam movement led by the formidable Babu Mangoo Ram Ji Mugowalia from Hoshiarpur District, Punjab India with his colleagues in 1925/26.

Inspiring Growth

For The Community

It was in the sixties that the Ad-Dharmi community started growing and a needed to establish and a desire for permanent centre was expressed, and it so happened that a building in a desperate state of disrepair and virtually derelict, originally a church became available (now the temple site) was considered. Since there were no backing funds available which were in any reserve account, the Wolverhampton Council was concerned that the community may not be able to afford the rent which was £300 per annum, then a small market trader at that time, named Mr Ram Prakash Paul of village Mansoor Pur gave personal guarantees that the rent will be paid on time, it was then that the building was acquired on lease.

Gaining Momentum

International Audience

It would be incomplete also to go any further without stating the fact that the 70’s was a great period during which the organisation had caught full momentum. There was a youth wing called Ad-Dharam Brotherhood which was formed under the leadership of Joginder Paul Mahay well supported by Harbans Lal Chander and Mohinder Pal Randhawa, Nirmal Chand Summan, Nirmal Dass Mahay of village Sagarpur and others Mr. Harbans Singh Heera of Moranwali was chosen as the President, the constitution was drafted by Joginder Paul Mahay village Ghurka. under the leadership of Joginder Paul Mahay, a programme lasting more than 45 minutes was presented on Radio Derby on the life and teachings Of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji in 1973, Nirmal Chand Summan, Bakhshish Singh Yamla and a young lad called Jasveer Singh did the singing of the hymns and the commentary was made by Joginder Paul Mahay. Later on other live programmes were broadcast on other channels organised by Shri Guru Ravidass Dharmik Sabha Wolverhampton. This was at the very beginning of the 70’s.

Educating & Learning

Researching Our Past

Just reflecting back to the sixties, the key questions were asked about the history of Shri Guru Ravidass Ji’s birth place. It is understood that the topic at hand is the history of the Guru Ravidass Dharmik Sabha, Wolverhampton but the credit must also be given to those who played a prominent role in discovering the exact birthplace of Satguru Ravidass Ji which was also discussed in the temple meetings. Sant Sarwan Dass Ji, Dera Sach Khand Ballan, in the early sixties had initiated the process to send messangers across “Kanshi” U.P now called “Varanasi”. One such devoted person named Sh. Banta Ram Ghera Ji of the of village Aima Kazi-a true son of the community had been given the task and consequently discovered the very “tamarind” (Imli) tree under which Satguru Ravidass ji sat and earned his living. He had enough information about the Birthplace of the Master and it was all authentic.